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To celebrate the blood moon, we are discounting all of Meg Daunting’s Teen Wolf pouches by 20%. Like tonight’s blood moon, this offer ends at 4:24am EST.

Aw WOW! Guys check it out! Awesome sale on my tea happening RIGHT NOW! :D 

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tea wolf for tea wolf!

This was made for archangels-trickery but it’s so cute I had to reblog it!  *u*

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Snow Moon (Februrary’s Full Moon) with snowbud, cocomint green and spearmint

Finally got around to doing a label for another one of my Full Moon teas!  This one is for February!  If you like fragrant light teas (and mint!) this would be a great tea for you. :D

BREWING TIPS: Empty the pouch into a new container and gently stir. Use careful finger pinches of tea rather than a tea spoon to get a good even mix of tea.  There will be some small variation in flavor from cup to cup.

Check out all my teas here

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Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast … THE TEA with vanilla green, white pear and apricot green!

Donya from NATWP contacted me about doing some art for their awesome podcast and I of course said yes!  Naturally we had to do a tea for them too. ;) 

This tea is SO DELICIOUS, when spacemarried was visiting she kept asking me make another pot. I really hope you all enjoy it as much as we do! <3

Thank you again to Donya and the lovely ladies of NATWP, you guys are great!

You can check out my other fandom blends here!

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Broken Fang with pu erh dante, blackberry, summer rose,  accented with lemon balm

So I’ve had Laura’s blend done for ages and finally got this label sketched out between projects a few days ago. I looove love love this tea so much, I have polished off the bag and sent samples to friends. The rose scent and flavor is in the forefront and the blackberry is the under flavor.

I really hope you all enjoy it! :)

You can check out my other teas here!

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BURN with lapsang souchong, almond oolong & gunpowder

I guess I am on a roll, here is Peter’s tea! (and here is a link to just the art)  This was one of the really early blends I made and sat on, the label was a long time coming. WHEW!

Okay this tea is almost MEATY. Lapsang is very smokey, very strong, so strong that I worry the almond and gunpowder is almost too weak but it’s THERE just very light. What I have left of my tester pack is sealed up tight in a canister, it smells so strong.

Like seriously this tea is like jerky and campfires and yet I like the taste?  It’s crazy.  I think it suits Peter really well though!  Hope you guys like it as well!
You can see my other blends here

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Claws and Effect with gingerbread, almond oolong & spiced apple chai accented with cinnamon

Finally finished Isaac’s tea label!  Here is a link to just the art!  It took a while to get the blend just right but I think it’s ready!

This tea is really warm and gingerbready, very smooth and a bit spicy.  Hope you all enjoy it, I think it really suits the season!

You can see my other blends here!  

Upcoming I have  Peter Hale, Chris Argent Papa Stilinski and Melissa McCall. And I am almost done with all the season 1 characters oh lord lol.  Next I get to tackle the Alpha pack….I HOPE.

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Noble Heart with decaf vanilla, honeybush hazelnut & spearmint accented with aniseed

I have been struggling with Boyd’s tea label for AGES, I’ve drawn Sinqua like 4 times now, he’s got a face like Chris Pine for me I guess. Really hard to draw!  I’d actually come up with the ice theme before we knew his background, simply because he worked at an ice rink!  NOW THIS IDEA IS EVEN MORE SAD. SORRY GUYS. (I had way too much fun drawing the ice and the faux fur, gosh!)

Anyways!  This tea is really good and vanilla-hazelnutty! Very smooth and with a bit of a crisp mint follow up.  I don’t have many decaf blends so I wanted to be sure this one was. :D 

He’s also paired with Erica’s Wild Child blend so you can get a dollar off of each when you buy them together!

PS: Here are my other teas including my Tea Wolf blends!

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BFF- with passionfruit, lemon grass, mango mate and ginger accents

So I’ve been having especially strong Sciles feelings lately and I have had this BFF tea sitting in my private adagio stash for ages. Seemed the right time to post this!  I love these two so much and I feel like this blend captures the feeling of blanket forts, Saturday mornings and fun times camping in the back yard. :’) 

It’s really good cold too, I hope you guys like it! <3  (and the label art, I’m really happy with the outcome! ;~:)

PS: Here are my other teas including my Tea Wolf blends!

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I don’t have a catchy title for this one, but it tastes a little like apple pie.

This is made with Daunt’s yummy Derek Hale tea, found here.


  • 4 cups of brewed and sweetened Sour Wolf tea
  • 2 cups apple juice or cider
  • 1/2 cup whipped cream or vanilla vodka
  • Ice cubes
  • sliced…

Oh my goodness I am totally going to try this!! This is amazing!